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All of my music has been deleted, I guess this is the end for me. I won't be doing anything crazy, don't worry. But I can't submit any music anymore, which I wasn't doing anyway. Honestly I don't mind, a few of my better songs are on my google drive so I didn't lose everything, and my older songs are on my YouTube channel (Big Ben Games) but yeah, I pissed off the bots at Newgrounds and they yeeted my music off the platform.

Some good news though, I've been brainstorming a story for an animated sci-fi series (called 'Pepper Breaks the Universe) as of recently, so you can look forward to seeing that in the future (if I get around to making it). If you want to hear more about that, join my Discord Server and maybe DM me, I really don't think anything will come of this, but it's a thought.

My music was kind of lacking, and I don't think anything would have come from it in any way, motivation is hard to come by y'know? It's kind of frustrating to see my work taken away, but it isn't a big deal.



Free voice actor for anything but NSFW

I want to start voice acting, and I figured this is a good way to start. A few things I should specify:

  1. All of my services are completely free, so you don't need to worry about paying
  2. I'm very new to voice acting, so some of my stuff might be a bit choppy, but despite that, I will make sure to give everything my all.
  3. No amount of money will get me to do NSFW of any kind, if you want that, ask someone else.
  4. I'm a guy, but I really don't care what gender the character I voice is, just as long as the character abides by the rule above.
  5. If you are looking for a voice actor for free, message me here on newgrounds or twitter,

I hope I can help you out, I can't wait to talk to you soon!


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